How to Advertise Your Pilates Business on YouTube: How Video Marketing Could Boost Your Business Sales & Profits
is a simple and easy-to-apply book in which you will discover over 100 new ways you can use YouTube to
improve your sales & boost your profits, in the shortest time possible.

Inside you’ll discover…

• New Ways to Use Video to Attract More Paying Customers & Increase Profits…
• 10-Point “First Video Checklist” Every Small Business Owner NEEDS Before He Even Considers Using Video on His Site…
• 5 Things You Can Do to GUARANTEE a Professional Looking Video…Even If You Have No Technical Knowledge…or Money!

• The #1 Mistake Small Businesses Make When Putting Videos on YouTube…
• What to Do If You’re Uncomfortable on Camera…
• The Little-Known “Video URL Method” That Opens Up the Flood Gates of Traffic to Your Site – 99% of Small Businesses Miss This…

• What is Video Marketing?
• What If You’re Not Comfortable on Camera?
• Video Marketing Basics
• Video Marketing Strategies To Boost Your Business

• Nuts & Bolts: How to Create Online Video (Even If Your a Technical Dunce)
• How Video Works in the Real World
• How to Quickly and Simply Add Video to Your Website
• Why Video Can Boost Your Sales?

• The Easy Way to Market with Video – Saving You Wasted Time and Effort
• 10-Steps to Getting Video Right the First Time
• Getting Starting with YouTube
• 7 Ways to Video Success on YouTube

• A Psychological “Trick” That Makes YouTube Visitors Click Through to Your Site
• The #1 Mistake Businesses Make on YouTube – And How To Avoid it
• The Video “URL Method”
• How to Get Found on YouTube – So You Sell More, and Make More Money
• How To Make Your Videos More Accessible – So You Get More Viewers

• BONUS CHAPTER: Webinars and Web Conferencing Made Easy
• How to Conduct a Webinar the Right Way
• Your ‘To Do’ Video Checklist

• PLUS The Ultimate Online Video Vault – Over 100 Resources to Help You Create the Best Online Videos Possible

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