Likeable Social Media: How to Delight Your Customers, Create an Irresistible Brand, and Be Generally Amazing on Facebook (& Other Social Networks)

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The secret to successful word-of-mouthmarketing on the social web is easy: BE LIKEABLE. A friend‘s recommendation is more powerful than any advertisement. In the world of Facebook,Twitter, and beyond, that recommendation can travel farther—and faster—than ever before. LIkeable Social Media helps you harness the power of word-of-mouth marketing to transform your business. Listen to your customers and prospects. Deliver value, excitement, and surprise. Andmost important, learn how to truly engage your customers and help them spread the word. Praise for Likeable Social Media: “Dave Kerpen‘s insights and clear, how-to instructions on building brand popularity by trulyengaging with customers on Facebook, Twitter, and the many othersocial media platforms are nothing short of brilliant.“ Jim McCann, “Alas, common sense is not so common. Dave takes you on a (sadly, much needed)guided tour of how to be human in a digital world.“ Seth Godin, author of Poke the Box “ Likeable Social Media cuts through the marketing jargon and technical detail to give youwhat you really need to make sense of this rapidly changing world of digital marketing andcommunications. Being human—being likeable—will get you far.“ Scott Monty, Global Digital Communications, Ford Motor Company

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Customer Reviews

The best social media book out there

 June 22, 2011
By David Bowers "@iamdavebowers"
I’ve read and reviewed a lot of books on Social Media and this is the first one I’ve given five stars. It’s that good.

I’m a marketer, specializing in the digital realm and I’ve become increasingly annoyed at the self proclaimed Social Media Experts (SME’s) out there. Most are full of hot air and sell snake oil. This is not the case with Dave Kerpen.

This book is clearly written with great examples by someone who has a vast knowledge of this area. Even better, he uses examples of his actual work within the book for us all to learn from (most social media books don’t). Each chapter also ends with exercises for you to start considering how to implement the concepts into your business.

There are two aspects that separate this book from the rest. 1. Dave comes at it from the point of the user receiving the marketing and 2.Dave can easily be found on all social media sites giving out free advice, using the methods he describes in the book to grow his readership and business along with it. He walks the walk.

While I don’t agree with every element of the book, my quibbles are not worth your time. Just understand that this book is worth purchasing.

I will be suggesting it to everyone I work with that suddenly wants to enter the social media space, but isn’t sure why.

Disclaimer: I received a review copy of this book from McGraw Hill.

The Future Social Media Marketing Textbook

 May 22, 2011
By by Lisa Jo Barr
This book is likeable. It’s a two-thumbs up easy read, chock full of important social media marketing strategies that have a down-to-earth quality full of integrity.

“Listen carefully, be transparent, be responsive, be authentic, tell great stories–the qualities that would make you the hotshot at the party–they’ll make your organization a likable one on social networks.” –Dave Kerpen
The author is right on the mark.

What else about this clever book, you might ask?

1. It shines new light on how to use social media right–stay true to yourself which is great advice for a better world.
2. It’s target readers are widespread–from those with their feet wet in social media to neophytes.
3. For those new to the scene or those wanting a review–there’s fun content in the back of the book– 25 pages of thorough explanations, simple ways the different social media platforms can enhance and expand communication with potential and established customers.
4.A chapter on tapping and using your listening skills full blast which you’ll need if you want to enter the world of social media; it can make or break.
5 Approaching marketing projects at times like a child–with a sense of wonder, curiosity and super-creative out-of-the-box strategies.
6. Dave teaches sophisticated social media tools and approaches in an easy-to-understand and respectful way.
7. The book is written in a very refreshing and positive light.

Highly recommended. I can see LIKEABLE MEDIA become THE social media marketing textbook. Good for students too. This book to all those who want to hone their social media skills through learning the mechanics of online tools and the new-world marketing strategies that will drive your business to new heights.

Surprisingly Relevant for the Younger Crowd

 June 27, 2012
By Gary Zilavy
I am a 21-year-old marketing major graduating college in less than six months who helped my college design curriculum for an e-commerce course featuring social media.

When approaching books about social media, I am hesitant to spend my hard-earned money on a book that tells you what you already know about Facebook and Twitter. Likeable Social Media was the first book of five I purchased in the business and social media field.

Mr. Kerpen is a talented writer and complements his discussions about what it means to be a “likeable” brand with positive and negative anecdotes. It’s a fairly quick read with frequent content headers, screenshots from Facebook and easily-digestible highlights to share with coworkers (such as the “10 Reasons Why Consumers Like Fan Pages on Facebook).

There are other books and resources out there that give more concrete how-to’s and a step-by-step guide to undertaking social media. If you are looking for content focused around these areas, seek out whitepapers and ebooks from social media monitoring companies who will gladly hand you the information for free in return for your contact info.

Hands down, the best asset of this book is its appeal to different audiences. While you could place this book in the hands of a CEO to show them the power of social media, I as a 21-year-old digital native confident in my knowledge of social media was able to walk away with roughly 10 pages of notes and suggestions.

Likeable Social Media left me not only encouraged but empowered to undertake the creation of a social media strategy for a company.

Where this book falls short is a lack of diversity. Discussions surrounding Facebook dominate this book–and rightfully so given its place as the top social network. I would have liked to see more discussions on the power of Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+ in the same scope Facebook is discussed. I do understand though that this book was published in 2011 and things have drastically changed even since then.

However, I still rate this as a five-star book. What’s incredible to me is how connected and committed Mr. Kerpen is to this book and building an engaging community. He practices what he preaches. Recently, I tweeted a friend with a suggestion to read this book. Within five minutes, I had a personal tweet sent to me from Mr. Kerpen thanking me for recommending his book.

Mr. Kerpen clearly gives those working in social media a blueprint on how to be more “likeable” and lives it out in his own social, online life.

Fast. Entertaining. Informative. Useful.

 July 8, 2011
By Rod Brooks "Northwest Marketing Guy"
I met the author, Dave Kerpen, in 2007 at the first WOMMA Summit (Word of Mouth Marketing Association) that I attended. I knew from the start that Dave would be a key influencer of my education in social engagement and a valuable resource for “how to” information that is based on real life case studies and experiences. At the time, I didn’t know that I would become the Board President of WOMMA or that he would become an author and thought leader on the effective use of Facebook (as well as Twitter, You Tube and more). Since that time, Dave and I have come to be good friends, colleagues, and benefactors of each others shared experiences.

In “Likeable Media” Dave gives freely of his experience and drives home the point that consumers are increasingly responsible for the success or failure of brands by what they like and what they say about our brands. Dave has filled his first book with entertaining and interesting case studies and anecdotes that make the 18 lessons easy to understand and apply. It’s an ideal book for those that are just getting started, as well as semi-seasoned veterans who are looking for an edge to move them forward in ways that engage and leverage existing and new relationships. Dave is the master of “Likeability” and he shares his insights in a way that is both easy to understand and apply. I found myself noting several opportunities for our business, a northwest regional insurance company, to incorporate Dave’s tips in several ways that will increase our fan base, our edge rank, and the number of “likes” that we generate.

I’ve already passed my copy (which still needs to be autographed by the way) along to a college student that I’ve helped to mentor over the past year. She’ll learn more from this book in a few hours than she could possibly learn in her classes over the next year.

The only criticism that I have for the book is that there were numerous references to the agency that Dave owns and operates… so much so that I started feeling as if I was reading corporate collateral for Likeable Media (the agency). If you are able to look past those repetitive mentions and the reference to his clients, you will come away with a wealth of information that is actionable and very beneficial. Dave gives away in his book what many consultants try to sell at a premium.

Thanks Dave. And congratulations!

NOTE: The opinions offered in this review are my own and do not reflect the views of WOMMA or my employer.

A Business Owner’s Dream

 June 15, 2011
By A. A. Cohen
As a business owner, this book is just what I want. it cleared up all the confusion I was feeling about social media. Like 95% of small business owners, I’m so clueless about using social media for my business (I’m great at posting photos of my kids and me hiking) that I would not have even read any book on social media if I didn’t know Dave (full disclosure – we’re good friends, but no one is making me write this review, and I’m being 100% honest, which is easy in this case, thank goodness. Silence was always an option). I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that the same man who machine guns concise tweets and posts all day long can also write long-form so engagingly and informatively. The book is easy to read, complete with useful action items at the end of every chapter, and loaded with real-world examples. From Verizon Fios to United Airlines, practical stories of real-world online successes and failures fill the book. His explanation and definition of how a company needs to be engaged with it’s customers is worth the price alone. It’s part 21st-century marketing manifesto and part social media owners manual. If Anthony Wiener had read the appendix on using Twitter, he might not be in trouble today.

Dave Kerpen understands how to be compelling while…

 October 1, 2013
By Wally
Also making you view angles you don’t normally see. This video may be simple enough for absolutely anyone to understand and implement, but it is more informative than any textbook I read while I was in college. It goes in depth, for us marketing professionals, and gives examples every step of the way. He lays out exactly what you have to do to not only survive in this “likeable” world, but gives you the tools to thrive in it. I consider myself on the cutting edge of creative and social marketing, and I owe most of that to Dave Kerpen. You really should also follow him on twitter, bc he puts tons of articles on there, and also tweets all of his LinkedIn articles there.
Seriously, check him out, and check out this book.
Brian Wallingford

Must Read for Every Marketer

 March 28, 2012
By Jonathan G.
I picked up Dave’s Likeable book before a cross country flight, mainly because I was looking for a good read and some fresh inspiration. I work in social media and video marketing, constantly looking for new ways to generate leads, buzz, viral content, you name it.

This book exceeded my expectations. On the previously mentioned flight, I found myself frantically searching for a pen to jot down ideas that were coming across in the text. I titled this review, “Must Read for Every Marketer,” because Dave is not just selling social media, he is selling an attitude. Fostering conversations, encouraging brand advocates, and developing customer relationships are all addressed through the vehicle of social media.

Great for Social Media Strategy

 April 4, 2012
By Michelle Glauser
Not only did I read this book in one day, I read it during my work day and was paid for it. So already it has a plus in my book, ha.

I felt like Kerpen did a great job of simplifying the dos and don’ts of creating a social media presence, but one thing I found lacking was his further explanation on specifically how to create targeted Facebook and Google Ads and Facebook apps. (I guess I’m going to have to go play with Facebook now . . .)

Otherwise, awesome. I wish he had an office in San Francisco; I would apply right now because I love this stuff.

I wrote our business’s entire Social Media strategy after reading this book and it helped me feel like I didn’t leave anything out. Yay!

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