Ultimate Guide to Pay-Per-Click Advertising: Join the Top 3% Capturing Sales from Search Advertising-and Outsmart 97% of the Competition (Ultimate Series)

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Millions compete for exposure on Google, Yahoo!, and MSN Live Search, but 97% of them fail to get results. Become one of the elite 3% who succeed. How? Search advertising specialist Richard Stokes reveals that and more! Covering all major search engines, this powerful guide discloses: The $100 Bidding Myth”: why outbidding competitors rarely results in more traffic Simple website changes that can increase sales by 500% How to drive 80% or more of online revenues with rare superconverter keywords Winning strategies of the world’s top search marketers The best ads on the internet and how to write them The real factors for driving high click-through rates How to find competitors’ budgets, ad copy, and best keywords How to manage bids without expensive bid-management software And more!

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Customer Reviews

His first book was a bible on SEM and this one knocks it out of the park.

 April 22, 2010
By Thank You "Joshua Dreller"
Wow! Finally got my hands on THE book for search engine marketing. Stoke’s first book was literally my bible to search engine marketing years ago. But this one is at a whole different level! Frankly, for SEM newbies, intermediates, or advanced players, this book is great at all levels. What I love about the book is that it doesn’t just talk or teach you about search marketing, it actually has a Point Of View…an approach to search marketing that you can easily incorporate into your management style. He has all of the numbers and data to back it up along with some best practices I haven’t read anywhere else.

I highly recommend this book to anyone in the search marketing industry. YOU WON’T BE DISAPPOINTED.

If you’ve read Perry & Howie you MUST read Stokes

 June 3, 2010
By W. Jenkins "Adwords Pro"
I really mean that. The Google Adwords books by Perry Marshall (Ultimate Guide to Google Ad Words, 2nd Edition: How To Access 100 Million People in 10 Minutes) and Howie Jacobson (Google AdWords For Dummies) are excellent introductions to the topic. Richard’s new book takes that material much further, using in-depth analysis based on data-driven studies he’s done. The chapter on Ad Coverage by itself more than justifies getting this book.

Should be called: "How to Become an AdWords Master."

 June 12, 2010
By B. Pietsch
I recently bought this book through Amazon. If you are an intermediate-level user of AdWords, this book will help you become a master. However, that’s not what I thought the book would be about. In the on-line description of the book, and on the back cover, one of the key statements is: “Millions compete for exposure on Google, Yahoo!, and MSN Live Search, but 97% of them fail to get results. Become one of the elite 3% who succeed.” Since I use Yahoo! Marketing Solutions, I thought that based upon this statement that some of the book would be devoted to Yahoo!. Not so. The book is entirely focussed on expert-level techniques to master AdWords. Many of us beginners/advanced beginners in pay-per-click advertising avoid AdWords because their so called “quality score” ranking is all screwed up. We can’t get our ads to run using AdWords, when the same ad gets good results from the other pay-per-click providers. In contrast, Richard Stokes, the author of “Ultimate Guide to Pay-Per-Click Advertising”, has figured out how to use AdWords so called “quality score” to gain a profitable advantage over the competition. This book could be a gold mine for someone looking to master AdWords. I’ll continue to work with this book to learn more about AdWords, but it’s going to take time for someone fairly new to pay-per-click to master this material. Meanwhile, I’ll find a book that is geared toward mastering Yahoo! Marketing Solutions.

High-Level and Valuable Insights in Understandable Language

 August 10, 2010
By Robert Sieracki
Appropriate for those new to pay per click advertising and still potent and valuable for those with great experience, I recommend this book whole-heartedly. Sometimes people I see speak who are excellent in conference presentations dumb it down for books they write, and Richard Stokes luckily avoids that. He manages to be very readable while working and writing at a very high level of analysis. I’ve read and reread these pages, and I can list 4 primary reasons I really like this book:

1) Often books about PPC advertising deal exclusively with advertising campaigns and neglect the website conversion funnel. Stokes smartly addresses the big picture, making this book a solid read for business owners, not just PPC technicians.

2) Richard Stokes competes on data, not intuition, and gives many useful ways to make logical, prioritized, data-driven decisions in this book.

3) His subtle understanding of click-through-rates (if you don’t think one could have an involved understanding of them, read chapter 16) and how they relate to quality score and to impression share are thought through at the highest level. There’s probably no one but Hal Varian at Google who knows this material at this level (okay, that might be an exaggeration, but Hal & company aren’t talking this freely).

4) There’s big theory in this book, and that’s useful, but Richard brings the theoretical down to the practical. From his understanding you actually get new strategies for the AdWords platform… and Google Analytics and Google Website Optimizer for that matter.

In a phrase: If I lose it, I’ll buy another copy to have on hand for reference.

In a word: Recommended.

Taking PPC Advertising to the Next Level

 March 11, 2011
By Kevin Milani
I am a Search Marketing Consultant with years of experience in the industry. I typically keep up on the blogs and forums and also read almost every book that comes out. The Ultimate Guide to Pay-per-Click was decidedly different and gave me a new and very much improved approach to Search Marketing. Shortly after completing the book I signed up with AdGoroo and put what I had learned into practice.

The results have been phenomenal. One of my clients is in a niche of the hyper-competitive online dating category. They had been dominating their niche and now I could show them proof of that. I have also been able to track their impression share and incredibly they almost always have 100% impression share in their niche, which means their ad is showing up every time anybody searches. AdGooroo research shows that most companies are doing exceptionally well to have 70% impression share.

For years I had tried to compete as a niche online dating site against the huge category leaders like Match.com, eharmony.com, et al. It was finally possible to play with the big boys in a hypercompetitive market despite being a niche site.

The Ultimate Guide to Pay-Per-Click Advertising is truly a game-changer. Combined with AdGooroo’s tools, it has given me the ability to provide a significant competitive advantage to my clients.

I can’t recommend this book enough, especially to anybody who is interested in becoming the dominant player in their industry.

Excellent Resource. I spend OVER $20,000 a day of my own money on PPC and could not recommend this more highly

 September 10, 2010
By JeffSHughes
I spend over $20,000 of my own personal money every single day on PPC–so I am very motivated to find an edge everywhere I can. This book delivers the edge and then some. The book is easy to grasp and super practical.

I have read just about everything there is to read on the subject of PPC. When it comes to this subject, I know garbage when I see it. This book is excellent and full of gold nuggets of information that help you save and make money. When I am able to gain even a 1% efficiency in PPC, that is a big deal to me. This book provides the kind of insight that gives advertisers that edge.

If you are just starting out, I suggest you read this book several times. You could save yourself a fortune. If you are already an experienced and expert level PPC advertiser already like me, you won’t find a brand new stuff on every page like the beginner or novice likely will. However, you will likely find more than a few terrific, practical ideas and strategies to increase your bottom line.

There is very good stuff in the Traffic Maps chapter. The Quality Score chapter is critical to read and thoroughly understand–really insightful stuff there. There is a chapter on writing ad copy that is fantastic. This is where the winners begin to separate themselves from the loosers, I think.

Also, the author has some great stuff on analyzing competition. He explains where to find the resources and how to use them. Then, he also tells you how to use the data against your competition.

In summary, this is an excellent resources. It’s very practical and fundamentally sound. It’s well organized. It is a must read if you are serious about building your business through PPC.

An eye-opener

 September 26, 2013
By Kevin
I began from the premise that PPC would have so much overlap with the SEO knowledge, that there wouldn’t be much to learn. But then I learned! Very impressive eye-opener.


 January 20, 2012
By manny-702
Excellent service and fast shipment. Purchased item was in better condition than expected. Definetely will buy again. No problems at all. Smooth transaction. Thank you.

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