The quality and strength of your performance in every area of your life nearly always depends to a large degree on your level of self-confidence. This handbook shows you how to control your level of self-confidence.

If you are lacking in confidence it tends to show. You may blush or stammer or hesitate or perform half-heartedly. You may even run away.

A lack of self-confidence can cause you to avoid situations that you know you should face.

When your self-confidence goes missing you may find it difficult to start tasks that should be relatively easy.

Without self-confidence you can be prone to make excuses, to play the victim.

Probably the biggest problem with a lack of self-confidence is that it can cause your efforts to be half-hearted, which, in turn, can cause your results to be mediocre – far below the standard that you could reasonably expect of yourself.

However, when your self-confidence is high you can wrestle with tigers and walk through brick walls.

Quite simply, when your self-confidence soars you will accomplish more. This is because when you feel self-confident you are far more relaxed. And when you are relaxed your body/mind system functions much better, much nearer to the optimum of which you are capable.

When you present your case with self-confidence you are far more convincing, far more likely to convince your audience.

When you speak with self-confidence people listen, hence your impact is much greater.

Self-confident people attract others to them like moths to a flame. They make friends more easily.

People follow self-confident leaders, but find it difficult to follow leaders who hesitate of display doubt.

When you feel self-confident you feel happier.

These are all benefits you will get from this handbook.

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