Keyword Intelligence: Keyword Research for Search, Social, and Beyond

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A unique book on the art and science of keyword research

Keyword research can make or break a marketing campaign, an optimization strategy, and pay-per-click ad campaigns. Written by a keyword research expert, this essential resource drills home the importance of targeting the right keywords or phrases in order to get traffic from search engines and social media channels. Author Ron Jones imparts his wisdom and experience for determining which keywords will work based on a searcher's intent and he shows you how to research social, mobile, and video marketing tools that can ultimately become the foundation of a marketing campaign.Boasts detailed how-to information from one of the world's leading keyword research expertsHelps you learn how to craft a successful keyword campaign and capture a coveted spot on the first page of a results pagePares down the essential information you need to know to use available tools to get keyword suggestions, forecast web site traffic, perform competitive research, and analyze resultsWalks you through how to best apply keywords to SEO and PPC campaigns as well as gain visibility with mobile marketing and integrate with traditional marketing effortsFeatures case studies, examples, tutorials, tips, and previously undocumented techniques

No matter your level of experience working with keywords, Keyword Intelligence is the ultimate guide for learning how to best conduct keyword research and craft winning marketing campaigns.

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Customer Reviews

Well Written and Organized

 June 8, 2012
By Sarwat Ezzeldin "PrinceAly"
I had some knowledge about the importance of keywords in searching, but this book took me to a new level of understanding how using keywords can optimize a website. This book can be very helpful to website designers and those who seek to learn more about marketing and usage of keywords. Very well written and organized, however, not too easy to follow for a non technical reader.

Keyword Research textbook

 February 8, 2013
By Kevin Hogan "Author – Psychology of Persuasion"
Is keyword research relevant in the Panda and Penguin world?

It is.

Keyword Intelligence was written prior to Penguin. Understanding
how Penguin changed the face of online marketing would be helpful
before reading Keyword Intelligence.

Keywords certainly continue to be pertinent because ultimately
google has no other big way to categorize information.

You’ll discover lots of cool tools in Keyword Intelligence.
You’ll find out how to know just how strong your competition is and
that will never go out of style.

I suspect later editions will include yet more information about
keyword research in social media, but the table has been laid.

Perhaps one of the most important areas where Jones text comes
in handy is in in keyword research for PPC.

Site architecture and branding are well covered.

In a world where writing books about anything related to SEO
is filled with risks of becoming soon dated, Ron Jones does
an excellent job of sticking with what matters most.

Keywords and more

 March 21, 2012
OK, keyword research is not exciting BUT it is very very important. Ranking high on organic search can be a major driver of revenue but you won’t rank well if your keywords aren’t good. This is a well written book that provides many tips and techniques for optimizing keyword research and also for providing a good framework for optimal keyword usage for campaigns. I have been using this book pretty heavily for the last week while I’ve been working on search engine optimization for some of my marketing campaigns and I have found this to be a handy guide. This book is easy to follow and is full of useful and handy information. While much of this information is out there on the web, this book brings it all together in one easy-to-use guide. Highly recommend.

Excellent Primer

 February 15, 2012
By J. Moore "Zombie Prep Network"
If you are in business, you better have an optimized web site. To optimize your site, you need to begin with keyword research.

Keyword research is a bit of an arcane art – combining market psychology, technology, and the use of industry standard tools.

This book demystifies keyword research and presents a very usable primer. The real winners in this book are the sections on using specific keyword tools, and the use of keywords for social media.

It should be noted that may of the keyword tools mentioned are paid tools, however most have free trials. Also covered is Google Analytics – a great free web stats tool.

If you’re new to SEO – this book is a great place to start. If you’re pretty familiar with SEO, this will be a great reference for you with broad and deep coverage on keyword research.

Key to the foundation of your marketing campaign

 January 13, 2012
By D. Greenbaum "DoctorDave™"
When you hear “keywords”, SEO immediately comes to mind. This book is about the entire keyword ecosystem. While SEO is the goal, this book takes a 360 degree approach to making sure your message is consistent, marketable, and most important searchable. Unlike many books on the subject promising you some foolproof strategy to tricking Google into ranking you number 1, this book takes the slow and steady route to not just improving your search results, but your entire word of mouth campaigns.

The book starts with looking at how keywords are an integral part of marketing. Anyone who can quote a brand’s slogan or jingle is using keywords and it’s time your organization did the same (businesses and non-profits are covered in the book).

The bulk of the book then covers how to find the right keywords and how to use them in various on and offline marketing campaigns such as SEO, PPC, Social Media and Mobile as well as using keywords on your website and blog.

While reading the book, I completely consumed a stack of sticky notes marking items I wanted to come back to and reference in the future for my business. Unfortunately, like any book that includes web based information, some of the tools and tips referenced were a bit out of date. Additionally, the free Google advertising offered in the book didn’t work on my account since I previously received a promotional credit from them.

Well written and thorough book for keyword research and digital strategy

 April 2, 2013
By R. Garner "Digital marketing author, speaker,…
This is the single most comprehensive book I have picked up for keyword research. It goes beyond just looking at keywords as a task, and actually goes deeper into leveraging it for true business intelligence and insight, which is a key distinction from a lot of the articles and info you will find on the web about the topic. Another chapter that sets this book apart is on how to use keyword research for social media. This chapter goes into all of the reasons to do this, and how to apply it strategically to social initiatives. Overall, a great book, and must-have reference for every digital marketing practitioner.

An Effective Primer on Optimizing Keyword Usage in Any Awareness-Building Strategy

 December 22, 2011
By Ed Uyeshima
On first blush, maximizing the use of keywords on the web would seem antithetical to a marketing strategy because the focus inevitably shifts from broad messaging that supports a brand to the more tactical approach of coming up with a list of optimal keywords that makes online content stand out in a seemingly endless universe. Making the right keyword choices has become the true differentiator when it comes to where content will show up in search engines, social media and content marketing. Internet marketing maven Ron Jones provides a solid, easy-to-understand overview of a topic that may be initially daunting to a classic marketer, but more critically, he also shows how even a basic understanding of this subject is critical in understanding the marketing impact of social networking sites and how critical keywords are to any site’s architecture. Most importantly, he outlines the steps to build a strategy which support the selected keywords needed to be successful.

For much of the book, Jones focuses on helpful modeling techniques to get started. One of the more tactical though helpful exercises is “mind-mapping” where keyword brainstorming breaks down into mini-assignments that allow you to identify one level of keywords at a time. Mind-mapping allows marketers to see their plans take shape by beginning with a seed term, drawing a circle around it, and brainstorming on additional words related to that seed term. However, the book’s most intriguing sections relate to the role of keywords in social media and how they help isolate the specific needs and wants of your target audience, even though search query variances between Google and a social networking site can be quite different. Jones also wisely emphasizes the need to step back and consider the entire customer experience, not just the optimized content being distilled.

One manifestation of this approach is how he recommends the structure of a six-step process for outlining a mobile strategy: (1) defining a target audience and personas; (2) conducting research; (3) developing a mobile solution; (4) designing a pricing model; (5) developing a support model; and (6) developing a retention/loyalty program. The author also emphasizes the value in dedicating time upfront to discern the success metrics with a marketing campaign and the importance of setting measurable goals such as increases in overall website visitor traffic, keyword rankings, and top keyword placement. This focus leads to insights that broaden brand awareness, highlight behavioral patterns within a target audience and most elusively, build the connection from keywords to generated revenue and ROI. In sum, Jones has written a valuable primer on the next generation of keyword research necessary for marketers looking to make a large impact on social media and search engines.

Lots of Useful Information

 December 20, 2011
By Amazon Customer "geek girl"
This book about keywords is very well written and contains quite a bit of information that I did not already know. I do a bit of internet marketing, so I was expecting the same old stuff I have read time and time again. However, this book gave me some tips about finding great keywords that I’ll be able to use for years to come.

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