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How to Get Masses of Traffic Using Paid Methods (Work from Home Series)

We all know that the key to having a successful online business is obtaining targeted traffic in good quantities. The downside is that creating websites and building back links and therefore rising in the Google ranks takes time.

While there are benefits to organic traffic, if you want to get traffic to your site today instead of in a year from now, paid advertising is the best way of doing so.
There are other advantages to paid traffic as well. You may have heard of the “infamous Google slap”. This is where Google decides to change its algorithm and suddenly all of the work that you have done to get your site well ranked can go down the drain. Recently an entire blog network was wiped off the Google map when Google decided it didn't like its business practices. If this is your sole means of traffic then you can kiss goodbye to your business.

There are also solid business reasons why you should use paid traffic as well. If you cannot convert traffic using paid sources in a way which provides a positive return on investment then either your offer or your sales funnel needs improvement. It is best to find this out at the start using a small amount of paid traffic rather than later on. Once you have a sales funnel that converts you can use paid traffic to scale up.

Having said all that – what are the best ways of using paid methods?

This book concentrates on paid traffic methods without using Google Adwords. If you want to generate masses of traffic in the shortest possible time then this will show you how!

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