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Adwords “Made Easy” For Small Business Owners

Adwords "Made Easy" For Small Business Owners is a condensed book that helps to explain what Google Adwords are and how to use them to make more profit in your business.

Full of tips from a Google Adwords expert, from his many years experience working with his accounts & the Adwords Accounts of Clients.

Subject covered, from The Table Of Contents

Google AdWords, Some History
How Google AdWords Works
What is Pay-Per-Click?
Why Use Google AdWords?

Reasons Businesses Should Use Google AdWords
What are "Keywords"?
What are YOUR keywords?
The Final Step in Keyword Research

Keywords & Google Trends
Focus – The Google Adwords Secret
Your Google Adwords Landing Page
Landing Page Gold

Match Types
AdWords Costs
Calculating Return on Investment
What To Use As A Budget?

How is Your Google AdWords Ads Display Position Determined?
How The Google AdWords Winning Bidder Is Decided
What is Quality Score?
Types Of Google Adwords Adverts

Google Adwords Image, Audio and Video Ads
Google Display Network
AdWords Language & Location Targeting
Using Google Analytics to monitor your progress

Google AdWords Tips & Tricks
Disadvantages of Google AdWords
This book is a quick read & particularly helpful if you are trying to decided if Google Adwords is something worth doing for your business.

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