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How To Build A Mobile Website

This book details how to build a mobile website. With code and design examples it will give you a step-by-step instruction on how to build a mobile website.

Gus Skarlis is a mobile website and online marketing expert who has spent the past 8 years developing thousands of websites with first page results.

Because of his expert status in the technology world, Gus is regarded as the “Go To Guy” for companies and small businesses who are looking to build, market and manage their mobile website.

Frustrated with constantly trying to implement the myriad of 3rd party software and code into his websites he founded MobileWebsites.com in 2009, a company that provides the only mobile platform that will manage your mobile content, SEO and marketing from 1 area without having to deal with multiple vendors and software products.

To learn more about Gus Skarlis and mobile websites watch the video “The Shocking Truth About Mobile Websites” at http://www.MobileWebsites.com or call Toll-Free 1-800-660-9395

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