5 Ways The Gurus Use PLR Content For Huge Profits

plr contentI always recommend using PLR content in your business. It makes creating content so much easier. However, a lot of people think it’s just a tactic that newbies use. They’re terribly wrong. There are multi-million dollar marketers out there using PLR content and making a killing by doing so.

Here are 5 ways hugely successful online business owners are using PLR in their business…

Coaching Membership

You can create a membership site where you give people access to categorized video tutorials on a subject. This would probably work best in the Internet marketing niche, but there are also many other niches out there that this would work for. It’s just hard to find PLR for the other niches.

Differentiate your site by giving people access to you via email and/or via weekly webinars so people can come in your site and learn, and then you have it there to help them.

YES! You can do this even if you’re not an expert. Just go over all content that will be in your site so you can answer their questions. If you can’t answer a question you can always ask for the answer in forums or find yourself a good mentor to help you .

To be able to do this you will need:

Membership – Profits Theme
JV Zoo with Paypal

TIP: To brand yourself more make sure you do some of your own videos. Like a welcome video on the main page. You can also do intro videos and recap videos for each video tutorial. This will help you get members to your site, and keep them because they will feel like they know you.

Teaser Squeeze Page

With this tacitc, you will create a squeeze page to give away a few of the videos from your product, and then as soon as someone subscribes offer the rest of the videos for a small fee. ($10-$20)

This will allow you to build a list (which you can also make money from), and make money from the upsell.

Product Plus Coaching

When using this tactic you will setup a product that you have the right to sell, but also offer your help on implementing what the product teaches.

All you would need to do is go through the product so you know how to answer people when they ask questions. This will add a lot of value to what you’re selling and people will be more likely to buy than if you just set it up for sale with no coaching.

Money Making Reports To Upsell

Now this is a great little tactic… Pick a topic related to a way to make money online. Write or have a report written on how to make money with your topic. Set up a squeeze page to give away that report, and find a related PLR product to use as an upsell.

TIP: You could use the Product Plus Coaching tactic as your upsell, and have something that sells really well!

Tutorial Sites

With this tactic your using PLR video products to create a tutorial site. You can either sell access so people get all the tutorials at once or you can sell them individually. Use your favorite search engine to search for tutorial sites and see how they are designing their sites and charging for access to get ideas for your own tutorial site.

As you can see PLR content isn’t just for newbies. There’s lots of great ways for any person who wants to create an online business to use PLR content to do so!

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