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Facebook Marketing: Lead Generation and Marketing Strategies for Start-up Businesses (Facebook Marketing, Lead Generation, Online Marketing, Start-up Marketing 1)

You’re About To Discover The #1s Secret To Facebook Marketing
Version 2 – Updated with Effective General Guidelines and Strategies for Facebook Marketing and the Value of Closed Group Feature to Maintain Relationships with Customers

LIMITED-BONUS ACCESS to Social Media Tools, Lead Generation and Online Marketing Reports
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You’re about to discover how to generate leads and use marketing strategies on Facebook for Start-up Businesses. In this book

The introduction of the Internet has led to the progress of many fields – including businesses and, of course, marketing. But just because the concept is the same doesn’t mean that the method of doing it is unchanged. With new platforms such as Facebook, it follows that the technique should somehow be modified. Thus, the question now is how you can effectively advertise your business and what you have to offer.

This book will guide you as to the proper way of marketing, generating leads, and increasing your sales using Facebook.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…Find Out Why You NEED To Start Facebook MarketingWhat is Facebook Marketing?Is Facebook marketing really EFFECTIVE?What FEATURES made Facebook an effective tool for marketing? Lead Generation TECHNIQUES through FacebookWhat are the leads that can be GENERATED from Facebook? How can you generate LEADS in Facebook? Effective Facebook Marketing TIPS for Your BusinessClosed Group Feature Benefits for Building and Maintaining Relationships with CustomersDifferent TOOLS and Features for MarketingGeneral GUIDELINES for Effective Facebook MarketingMuch, much more inside!

Check Out What Others Are Saying…
“No doubt that Facebook is the most influential social media platform nowadays. Where social meetings happen, that’s where business is the best to deal with. This book can effectively help you advertise your business through the social media platform: FACEBOOK. You will be introduce to Facebook Marketing and how you can increase the number of potential customers to market your products and services.
If you’re serious about making more money and reaching a larger audience to share your message, story, products and services with, this book is a good start to go. Learn the importance and effectiveness of Facebook marketing!” – Zoey Dowel

“Facebook marketing is an area where those that got it early succeeded quickly. A lot of people have been attracted to this platform for marketing purposes, and one has to wonder when the space will be quite crowded. For now it must be good, judging by how few quality books exist on the subject. Upon reading the book, I actually became interested in the subject of Facebook marketing and I know few people who are very fond of digital marketing and this book will definitely help them a lot since Facebook is one of the leading social-media that we have in this generation. If you want to become a master of Facebook Marketing for your business then look no further, this is the must read book you you should pick-up today.” – FIVMendoza

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