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Facebook Marketing | How to Find the Perfect Buyers: Using Facebook Marketing Tools | comprehensive step by step guide | Live Use Cases | Road Map to Multiply your ROI and Boost your Sales

Selling is all about finding the right buyer. This book will teach you how to find your perfect buyers out of the 1 billion users on facebook and sell to them using a Facebook marketing tool that is availed by Facebook itself.

[From the author of the Top Rated course on udemy “Facebook Marketing Secret techniques to 10X ROI in 2 days” ]

This book is a step by step guide with use cases, and live examples to how to create your perfect audience group, and legitimately hack and attract your competitors’ customers.

You will learn how to decide on your bidding and budgeting. This guide will help you maximise your ROI and create your most savvy campaigns like pro.

What you will learn and be able to do

Audience Insights layout Structure
What might be your inputs and what outputs you can get
Using AI for analysis
Saving your work and using it for ads
Expanding your work
Using AI to drive more Engagements
Getting only buyers
Knowing more about your competitors’ audience and reaching out to them
Uploading your own data to AI and analyse it
Created your targeted group, then what?
Getting an idea about how your ad will perform
Step by step guide to how create and reach out to your perfect buyers
Roadmap and best practices used by pros

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