Are you making the most of the Facebook Fan Page change to Timeline format? All business Fan Pages have converted to Timeline, with a host of restrictions on how you present your business on Facebook. But Timeline also offers some great opportunities to visually showcase your company’s brand image, and grab your viewers' attention!

Don’t have hundreds of dollars to hire a professional graphic designer to portray your business in the best light? Don’t make the costly mistake of presenting an amateurish image on your Facebook Timeline Fan Page. Help your prospects to know, like, and trust you with a professional-looking and engaging Fan Page.

In this heavily illustrated, best-selling book, Freelance Graphic Designer Louise Myers shares with you her designer secrets and resources for creating a dramatic and visually appealing Facebook Fan Page for your business. From inexpensive sources for professional photography, to resources you can use to create your own, unique graphics – from tips on making your Page Posts stand out, to cleaning up your Timeline – it’s in “Create your Facebook Fan Page to Look Great and Engage Fans.”

Whether you have the desire to make your own graphics, or just need help understanding the Facebook changes and what it means for your business Fan Page – this book is for you! Your Fan Page has a new opportunity to visually grab your Page visitors – read “Create your Facebook Fan Page to Look Great and Engage Fans” to make the most of it!

Updated and expanded May 30, 2012.

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