I know why you’re reading this eBook. Seriously, I know why you’re reading this eBook and I promise you I’m not psychic…

You’re reading this eBook for the same reason that I am writing it. You believe, as I do, that a content driven online presence is crucial to the future success of your business. Furthermore, you’ve discovered that simply placing words on a webpage does not traffic draw.

So what is a content creator such as yourself supposed to do to get people to actually visit your website and read all your great content?

Answer… Harness the Social Tools at your disposal throughout the Internet.

I wrote this eBook to be a quick reference guide for the 10 Social Tools Essential to Business Blogging Success. The social tools outlined in the pages to come are not the only tools available on the Internet and over the course of the next few years I’m sure more than a few of them will go the way of the Dodo (an extinct bird) and Friendster (an extinct social network).

You must figure out which social tools work for your business. That is how I personally learned about each one, trial and error. But that is also why I feel very comfortable moving in and out of each one, adding value, making connections, building relationships and capturing leads.
It is my goal that at the end of this material you will have firm handle on:

• Why each social tool is important to your business,
• How each tool fits into your online presence and,
• Success strategies for using each social tool.

I want you to be inspired by the power of blogging and social media because whether you like it or not the Internet is going to play a major role in your business future.

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